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We spend a third of our lives in bed. Snanvana  fibers are significantly less absorbent than other fibers such as cotton - so they are less likely to steal your expensive face cream during the night! In laboratory testing, Snanvana  was shown to absorb significantly less face cream and create 43% less friction or “drag”, on average, versus cotton pillowcases*, helping your face glide along the pillowcase all night long. Your delicate facial skin with thank you.


Ever woken up with a sleep crease? As skin ages, it loses elasticity and sleep creases - which are caused by friction and pressure on facial skin - can become more pronounced and longer-lasting. While the creases usually go away later that day, they can be gradually ‘ironed in’ over the years.

Sleeping on silk is a great expert beauty tip and a long-time beauty secret. In laboratory tests, Snanvana was shown to reduce friction or “drag” on delicate skin by 43% on average, versus cotton pillowcases*, resulting in a smooth, luxurious surface that helps skin to glide along the pillow.



Did you know friction can contribute to bedhead? Choose Snanvana to reduce friction, especially when you have a blow-out. In laboratory testing, Snanvana was shown to create 43% less friction or drag, on average, versus ordinary cotton pillowcases*. The world’s most renowned hairstylists have long recommended sleeping on gentle, hair friendly silk to help preserve your blow out.